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Buying A Business
Experience Counts!

The Equity Group offers a comprehensive Acquisition Services Program to speed the process of finding a business to buy. Companies or business owners can undertake a search on their own, and some do, but often it takes longer and comes with a steep learning curve. And, if and when a prospect is found, it's usually already on the open market and may have multiple bidders that drive up the purchase price.

Our combined team has over 100 years of Merger & Acquisition and business leadership experience. We successfully closed 30 transactions in 2021, it’s our specialty!

Everyone on our team has bought businesses for our own account in the past – some good, some not so good. We know what to look out for, and can help avoid pitfalls and protect you, the buyer.

Most of all, what sets us apart is we CARE about you, our client. It's not just another transaction. We value building a long-term relationship with you and your organization.

Some Of Our Advantages

We are dedicated to your search and can efficiently find and screen multiple potential targets utilizing a broad array of proprietary databases as well as our extensive network of business contacts. This approach also enables us to find prospect companies before they hit the open market in a public sale. We can complete the process faster and weed out owners that aren't serious about selling.
We specialize in arranging the purchase and sale of companies. A search is a time-consuming process, and for us, it's not a side project. This allows our clients to concentrate on leading their existing organizations or to focus on their current jobs while we drive the process using client input.
Pricing Structure:
The client and Equity Group enter into an Agreement to Represent, in which the client agrees to engage our company in the search and acquisition process. There is a modest, non-refundable retainer to cover the initial search process due at this time. When the final transaction is completed, there is also a success fee due on closing based on the final sales price. The retainer amount is deducted from the success fee. We do NOT charge ongoing monthly payments during the search phase.

Reasons to Buy A Business

Top reasons to consider buying an existing business:

  1. Existing cash flow
  2. Established customer base and market share
  3. Proven business model
  4. Brand identity
  5. Functioning infrastructure
  6. Trained employees and established vendors
  7. Stepping into a company you will enjoy and be passionate about!

Interested In Buying A Business?

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