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This popular video game store, with a large active membership base, has served the gaming community for years. Their loyal gaming customer base enjoys a wide selection of current and retro games, a vast selection of new and used gaming consoles, handhelds, and accessories. In addition, this successful retail store repairs gaming consoles. The store leases 2,400 square feet of prime retail space, located on a prime retail corridor just across from a central west Michigan Mall. As well as Best Buy, and other popular stores nearby.

The current owner has updated the store and is looking to transition into other business interests. This store is ideal for an individual who enjoys gaming and understands operating a retail store operation. There is tremendous room for future growth, new products, expansion into new related product lines, and opening new locations. The lease is up for renegotiation, which is an opportunity for a new lease or site.

The owners are committed to the continued success of the business and willing to assist in the successful transition of operations and staff to the new owner.


Investment Highlights 

High-Traffic Location: This area has an average daily traffic volume of 27,800 (MDOT 2020)

Large Subscription Base (1,500): Currently they offer a membership program. The program is only $10 for an entire year. Members receive 10% off used games and accessories, four free game cleanings, a 10% trade-in bonus, and a coupon book that never expires. This generates return traffic from their most loyal customers.

Gamer’s Dream Job: For a gamer, this business purchase would be a dream. The owner has the ability to immerse themselves in the gaming world completely. Whether they’re repairing game consoles or other gaming equipment, talking to customers about the latest or their favorite games, their day would essentially entirely revolve around video gaming.

Incredible Inventory: Most competitors stock only newer games and at a much lower amount. The company always has the newest games and a larger quantity available. As an example, their competitors offer 2-3 racks of games, 30 individual titles for a particular console, while this company offers 400 individual titles for a variety of gaming consoles. They also offer some of the lesser-known game titles and games that are more difficult to find. Recently there has been an increase in games sold by customers, which also helps expand their inventory.

Self-Running Operation: The business is well-established and operating mostly independently of the owner’s involvement.


Growth Opportunities

Add New Product Lines: the business offers both new and used video games. Most video games have a huge fan following! Currently, they do not sell figures, memorabilia or other collector items. This is a missed opportunity; any fan would take a hard look at any of that merchandise. They could offer Funko POPs!, Pokémon cards, action figures, model kits, etc. These items are very popular with collectors, who often are also gamers.

Online Sales: At this time the company does not offer online sales of any kind. Adding online sales would increase their market reach and make them much more competitive with their competition such as Game Stop or Amazon. It would also offer avid gamers the ability to pre-order their video games and receive them directly at home.

Website Remodel: The current website offers very little information, and it does not appear to update on a regular basis. Full product lines and photos could be added to the website to give potential customers more of a feel of what products they have available. Video games producers often release trailers for their upcoming video game releases, those could be added to the website to add interest to new products or video games. It’s essentially a blank slate for new owners to make their own.

Location Opportunities: The lease at the current location is up for renegotiation. This gives the new owner an opportunity to decide if they would like to relocate or enter a new long-term lease at their current location. They also have the option to increase the square footage due to openings within the retail center.



Year Established:             2013

2021 Revenue:                $828,000.00

2021 SDE:                       $97,000.00

Currently lease:               $78,000.00 annually

Inventory:                        $331,000.00

Employee:                       3-5 Part-time owners, along with the owner

Facility:                           2,400 leased square feet

Reason for selling:        Transitioning to other business interests

Legal & Environmental Issues:   no known issues

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